The entire process was flawless. I reached out via Angie’s List after hours and I immediately received a callback from the owner. We discussed my current situation, 20yr-old unit leaking refrigerant and water from the coils on furnace controls. Even with scheduled booked out for weeks, he found a slot where a service tech could come out and recharge unit, and give estimate for replacement unit. AFter speaking with Tech, I scheduled replacement install for the following week. Service Tech was phenomenal, as he explained, as no other A/C company has, that the furnace did not necessarily need to be replaced if heat exchanged was not damaged. During the install of new unit, installers took multiple pics of heat exchanger and determined it did not need to be replaced. If it di in the future, they would have all necessary info to complete replacement… AFter completing install of unit, charging, and test run, the process was closed with an electronic invoice including all pics of units, warranty, and service contract. I would highly recommend this company o anyone looking to get great service, clean and friendly techs, and excellent equipment for a great price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!