I can’t say enough how great these people are. They are all very courteous and helpful. From phone call to service, I was very pleased. My furnace was cleaned to look new. A new thermostat that I purchased before hand was installed.  This barely cost $100 for all their work and they were here 2 hours. (They= the technician and an apprentice.)

I had to call back on a Sunday morning at 6 a.m. and left a message. Within 2 minutes, the owner called back. The blower motor was about to go out. He walked me through some steps to try and figure out the problem. The blower motor was indeed in its death throws. He then told me to call my home warranty company, since this is a new house (to us) and have them send someone. Even though the owner knew it wouldn’t be his company, due to not being a selected contractor with the warranty company, he remained helpful.

Best Service lives up to their name and they will surely be getting my future business.  This includes an incredibly, reasonably priced service contract.