How does an Arzel control panel operate?

Arzel’s zoning panels consist of an enclosure that contains a pump, control board, control solenoids and temperature/humidity sensors. Communicating with the thermostats, the control board is able to determine control your HVAC equipment and open or close the appropriate dampers. The dampers are air-driven and change position by applying pressure or vacuum from the pump.

Can Arzel® make custom damper shapes and sizes?

Arzel® Zoning offers over 75 stock sizes and can make almost any size or shape needed for an application.

How long do custom size or shape damper take?

Typically, custom dampers can be built and shipped within 24 hours. If you are ordering an opposed blade damper, fabrication can take 2-3 weeks.

Should I be concerned on how noisy the Arzel dampers may be?

Arzel dampers are unique as they are operated by air by use of a medical grade pump versus other brands that are Electro-Mechanical motor driven styles. So what that means is that Arzel dampers are virtually silent during operation.

How well do Arzel dampers seal the duct and stop air flow?

Arzel dampers are among the few in the industry that offer a gasket around the perimeter of the blade which ensures a nearly airtight seal on every Arzel’s branch or trunk dampers.

How can I tell if my Arzel damper is open or closed?

For dampers with an actuator mounted outside of the ductwork, a yellow tab can be found that points to open or close. If the actuator is mounted inside the ductwork, the damper blade must be in sight to determine whether it is open or closed.

What is the warranty for Arzel products, and what if, for some reason, I am not pleased with the system after it is installed?

All Arzel products are backed by their Lifetime Parts Warranty and also their 100% Comfort Guarantee. If you’re not happy with the system within the first year for any reason, Arzel will purchase the product back from you.