AeroTherm™ Series Heat Pump Water Heater

The New AeroTherm™ Series Heat Pump Water Heater from Bradford White is highly efficient, providing year round energy and money savings. It offers advanced technology and low cost operation.

ENERGY STAR® certified, AeroTherm™ Series water heaters are eligible for most rebate programs throughout the country resulting in initial savings to you, the consumer. Efficiencies up to 3.39 EF (Energy Factor) result in significant energy and money savings throughout product lifetime. First hour delivery ratings up to 94-gallons and ultra-quiet operation ensure consumers get exceptional performance to meet their demands for hot water. And with four user-selectable operation modes (Heat Pump, Hybrid, Electric, Vacation), the new AeoTherm™ Series gives consumers greater control over their water heater’s energy consumption. The AeroTherm™ Series also comes standard with a 10-year limited warranty.

AeroTherm™ Series Heat Pump Water Heater


  •  50- and 80-gallon capacities – comparable
    replacements for 40-, 50-, or 80-gallon standard
    electric water heaters
  •  Provide the same amount of hot water as standard
    electric 50- or 80-gallon water heaters
  •  Same water and electrical connections as a
    standard electric water heater
  • Top water connections and a convenient height
    and weight for quick and easy replacements and
  • Designed for indoor installation such as: basement,
    garage, closet, utility room, attic, etc.
  • Four operating modes: Heat Pump, Hybrid, Electric,
    and Vacation
  • Electronic controls make it simple to change the
    temperature or operating mode
  • Northern climate tier 3 capable (RE2H50R10B and
  • Quiet operation
  • 10-year limited warranty

AeroTherm™ Series Heat Pump Water HeaterAeroTherm™ Series Heat Pump Water Heater

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