Unless otherwise noted, warranties are as follows:

All work, equipment, and devices installed as a part of the proposal shall be guaranteed for a period of one year from date of completion of this installation except as otherwise noted, or in accordance with manufacturers’ warranty. All warranty work shall be performed during normal working hours. A one-half time charge will be in effect for all warranty work requested after hours. The warranties provided herein are expressly in lieu of any other warranties. There are not understandings, agreements or representations, express or implied not specified in this agreement and this agreement contains the entire understanding between the parties. Best Service’s liability for damages shall not exceed the contract price of this contract. Best Service shall not be liable for indirect, special incidental, general, or consequential damages.



The material and workmanship furnished under this proposal shall comply with the rules and regulations set forth in applicable state and local regulations.

Any changes or additions in this proposal or the work installed hereunder shall be made in writing, setting forth the details for such changes and the cost thereof signed by both parties.

BEST SERVICE shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage, or delay caused by fire strikes, civil or military authority, insurrection or riot, or by any other cause beyond its control, nor shall BEST SERVICE be responsible for any consequential damages.

The Buyer agrees not to sell, assign, or transfer any rights under the contract or transfer possession of said material and/or fixtures without first making payment in full to the seller herein.

Any agreement as to time on this contract shall be subjected to adjustments insofar as delay, by other trades, the contractor, owner, by out of state deliveries, by weather or other reasons beyond our control are concerned, and additional time allowed to compensate for same.

It is specifically agreed by the owner or contractor that any delay in payments pursuant to this agreement shall be our authorization to cease all work and this becomes an automatic intent to lien aforementioned property.

In the event BEST SERVICE, its assigns or successors, presents this contract to an attorney for handling, then the owner and/or agent also agrees to reimburse BEST SERVICE for all collection on repossession expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees and interest of the lesser of 18% per annum or the maximum amount permitted by law on past due balance.

Title to the above describes material and/or fixtures shall not pass but shall remain vested in and be the property of BEST SERVICE until full and final payment is received.

The owner or agent agrees to provide safe job conditions as a prerequisite hereunder by BEST SERVICE.

BEST SERVICE’S scope of work shall not include the identification, detection, abatement, encapsulation or removal of asbestos, radon gas, or products or material containing asbestos, radon gas, or other hazardous substances. In the event BEST SERVICE encounters any such products or materials in the course of performing its work and remove its employees from the project until such products or material and any hazards connected there with, are abated, encapsulated, or removed or it is determined that no hazard exists (as the case may require) and BEST SERVICE shall receive an extension of time to complete its work hereunder and compensation for delays encountered as a result of the presence of asbestos or other hazardous substances. Further, BEST SERVICE shall have no obligation to arrange for and will have no liability for the removal of, failure to detect, or contamination as a result of its failure to detect any asbestos.



If this agreement was solicited at your residence and you do not want the goods or service you may cancel this agreement by mailing or delivering a written notice to the seller, notice must be mailed, telegraphed, or delivered before midnight on the third calendar day after you sign this agreement.

Reference: Columbus, Ohio Ordinance Number 1198-69, chapter 2937, Home Solicitation Sales.



All service work is cash upon completion unless prior credit has been approved.

Any account not paid when due, the entire unpaid balance is subject to a late charge of 1 ½% per month (18% annual rate.)



Parts: All parts listed on this order carry the warranty of the manufacturer which is usually but not limited to one (1) year.

Labor: Best Service Inc. limits its warrant for labor performed as recorded on the reverse side for repairs of a specific problem for a period of thirty (30) days.



  1. Filter media, circuit breakers, oil filters, refrigerant, oil nozzles, thermocouples, and belts are not warranted by the manufacturer.
  2. Contaminated or corrosive atmospheres.
  3. Adjustments by unauthorized people.
  4. Abuse, neglect, vandalism, accident.
  5. Acts of God and neglect of normal recognized, recommended maintenance, power and fuel supply, electrical hazards or lightening.



All parts as recorded are warranted as per manufacturer specifications.



The labor charge as recorded here relative to the equipment serviced as noted, is guaranteed for a period of thirty (30) days. We do not, of course, guaranty other parts than those we install. If repairs later become necessary due to other defective parts, they will be charged separately.



In the event check is returned, the customer will be charged for the amount of the check plus a $25.00 processing fee.

Interest at the highest rate allowed by law will be charged on any amount not paid upon completion.